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About Per

Per Styregård writes about food and beverages in the daily business tabloid Dagens Industri. He has co-founded, and runs, the gastronomic debate forum Skafferiet (The Pantry) in Stockholm, together with Anders Rydell and Johan Lindskog. He also frequently appears on Swedish public television SVT Gomorron Sverige talking about food and beverages together with chef Paul Svensson.

Between 2006 and 2010, Per was the Editor in chief for the Swedish Gourmet Magazine, and between 2011 and 2012 held the same position at the Scandinavian restaurant guide White Guide. His articles are published in weekly news magazine Fokus, ICON Magazine, Dagens Industri Idé Magazine and White PAPER.

His writings have also appeared in American food magazine Saveur and, British food magazine FOUR, Italian food publication Cook_inc, and Swedish magazine FOOL.

Per has published two books, Rödvin älskar mat (2003, ICA bokförlag) together with Anders Calissendoff and Klas Hjertberg, and Sveriges godaste mat (2012, Nygren & Nygren).